The Importance of Rest

Are you a late nighter? and early riser? both? 

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is more vital to your performance than you might think. Researchers say 6-9 hours is needed for most adults.

Sleep plays a major role in recovery. When you run you are damaging and breaking down muscle tissues. This damage needs time to recover in order to make you stronger. During deep sleep the body releases hormones to help your muscles make the necessary repairs.

Research has shown that regularly getting less than 6 hours can raise the risk for multiple health issues. Things like increased anxiety and depression, increased blood sugar levels, risk of heart disease and effects on the immune system. 

If you don't know if you are getting enough sleep try logging your sleep hours and keeping note of how you feel the next day. Also note how your training runs feel after more or less sleep. A good sign of inadequate sleep in runners is tracking your pace. If your pace is slowing check and see if you got less sleep that night. 

If you have a hard time getting sleep, or quality sleep, there are some things you can try.

-Eat dinner earlier, sleeping on a full stomach can reduce REM sleep 
-Limit technology after 7pm, distractions of social media and TV keeps your brain active
-Develop a bedtime routine, this can clam your mind and create a restful atmosphere
-Do some light stretching, deep breathing or yoga before bed

Rest up and run better! 

see you on the road.

Kenzie Bruns