Run For Fun

Remember why you love it. 

We are runners, we love the thrill of the race, the burning in our legs and our lungs, striving to be better every time we lace up. But do we need to be? Have you ever dreamt of turning off your running watch, stepping out your door and running into the sunrise? 

Even if you haven't, there are benefits of doing just that. Running without technology and listening to your body may be a game changer for you.

Not every run has to be a training run, you can burn yourself out that way. If you are the type of runner who plans out your whole year of races, be sure to add in time to pull back and rekindle your love for running.

Pick a few races to really train for, give it your all, but enjoy the rest. You can sign up for a fun run and actually have fun. Slow it down, and run with a friend who's just starting out or jog with a family member. 

Running can be so much more than competition and PRs. It clears the mind, releases endorphins, keeps your blood pumping, strengthens your heart and lungs. Going out for a scenic run can be a great time for reflection and brainstorming, or just letting go of your daily stresses. 

Taking a break from competing can also allow your body to recover. Cutting back on frequent strenuous training runs can lower the risk of over use injuries and overtraining. Runners who seem to always be injured may be competing too often.

Sometimes you should take the time to smell the roses and not just run past them.

-See you on the road

Kenzie Bruns