Running With Music

Do you run with music? As runners this question can divide us.

Some runners couldn't imagine running without it, while some runners believe it ruins the experience.
If you are a social runner you may prefer conversation to music, if you are a solo runner you may prefer the headphones in to keep the chatter out.

Studies have found that when participants listen to upbeat music their heart rates and peak power output were higher than when listening to a podcast or listening to nothing at all.

Does that mean everyone should run with music?
Check out these pros and cons and see what you think.


-Running with music can give you extra motivation! Hearing a song you love when you are out running in the heat or running when you'd rather be sleeping, can be the push you need to keep going!

-Running can be a great distraction when your body is screaming to stop! Sing along to a song you like or concentrate on the words to keep your internal voice muffled out.

-A song with the right beat can keep your pace moving right along! Using music as a pacer has been proven to work, but be sure to choose the right song or your pace may be slower than you wanted.


-While a distraction from the pain may be nice, a distraction from your surroundings isn't. Wearing headphones or listening to loud music might keep you from noticing danger. Be sure to keep that music low enough to hear traffic and always be aware.

-Some runners believe music and other tech distracts from the running experience. Running purists say that it is better to listen to the sounds of nature and allow this time to unleash your inner thoughts.

-Running with headphones can cause quite a disruption in your flow if they won't stay in your ears. There is nothing worse than having to fiddle with your headphones every quarter mile. Not to mention the irritating accidental arm swing that tears them out of your ears all at once.

Whether you run with music or just listen to it on the way to the event, you can't deny the special ability music has to get you pumped up for that big race.

Check out this list of some of the highest ranked music to get you in the mood to crush it!

Eye of the tiger

Born to run
-Bruce Springteen

Running down a dream
-Tom Petty

Lose yourself


Start me up
-The Rolling Stones

Don't stop me now

Kickstart my heart
-Motley Crue


Lets get it started
-Black Eyed Peas

-See you on the road!

Kenzie Bruns