Strength Training For Runners

For runners, lifting weights can sometimes be intimidating. Not that we aren't used to muscle pain or fatigue, but we just don't want to add to the load we are already packing on our bodies. Not to mention running on sore legs makes for poor training runs!
So what can you do to reap the benefits of strength training along side your running schedule?

Here are some tips.

First think about your schedule, when would be the best time in your week to hit a heavy leg day at the gym?
Be sure to leave the next day for recovery and maybe you're easy run the day after that. This could give you 48 hours to get your legs ready for a harder training run later in the week.
Giving your muscles the proper time for recovery will ensure your runs are productive and the risk of injury will go down.

Next think about volume. Running will always be the main focus, cross training and strength training have an important place, but having too much volume can put you at risk for injury. 
Strength training for runners may only be necessary 2 or 3 times a week, depending on where you are in your season, you can take away or add more strength during the year. 

Try different things and figure out what will work for you and your training schedule. There are plenty of programs out there to try, in the gym or at home. Seek out a personal trainer if you aren't sure what to do, or take some group fitness classes to see what you like. Something as simple as body weight exercises before or after a run can be beneficial too, don't be afraid to try different things.

Strength training may not be what every runner wants to spend valuable training time on, but it shouldn't be over looked. Imbalances in the body can develop quickly, building strength can help prevent this, which in turn will prevent injury.

Add strength training to your routine and take your running to the next level!

See you on the road.

Kenzie Bruns